The United States is already dropping too many bombs on the Islamic State

The dangerous men (and woman!) vying for the GOP presidential nomination want us to believe that America under President Barack Obama is the ultimate wimp nation.

That, when it comes to the Islamic State, we're busy zoning out on Netflix and letting ISIS Raqqa the Kasbah.

Not quite.

Let's talk about bombs. The way Donald Trump and Co. put it, you'd think the Obama administration was dropping Hoverboards from the skies over the Middles East.

Turns out, however, the United States is dumping tens of thousands of bombs on Islamic State strongholds, this according to a report in the Washington Post.

In fact, since the air war kicked off last year, we've unloaded more bombs on ISIS than we have in Afghanistan any time during the past five years. By a large margin.

The number of monthly air assaults in Afghanistan since 2010 averages around 170. But when it comes to ISIS, we've assaulted the Islamic State on average more than 2,000 times a month since military action commenced.

We're spending some $10 million every day bombing the Islamic State. We've spent more than $4 billion!

And it's gotten us nowhere. Just like increased military action will get us nowhere. Bombs, guns and tanks are how we got into this mess—how the Islamic State came about—in the first place.

I don't always agree with the president, but I'm thankful that he's living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—and not the likes of Trump, Ted Cruz and others. Let those war mongers pop off—but keep them out of the White House in 2016.