Letters to Paris

This latest issue of SN&R was always supposed to be about Paris. Just not like this. Our latest cover story (which can be read here) looks ahead to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, scheduled to launch November 30 in France.

It's difficult, however, not to think instead of the brutal November 13 Islamic State attack on the City of Light. At least 129 are confirmed dead and scores more injured.

It's difficult to think about about tomorrow's environment when, once again, it's today's civilization being tested.

But we must.

On Monday, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls confirmed the talks will still take place—although the scope has been scaled back dramatically. Gone are concerts and other celebrations. Only treaty negotiations will continue as planned. And, ultimately, it's those negotiations that matter most as we ask world leaders to forge a treaty to reduce global warming.

In light of these talks, SN&R spearheaded a national project that will be published in 40-plus newspapers and media outlets. Letters to the Future: The Paris Climate Project comprises letters written to future generations by renowned authors and artists, scientists, politicians and activists.

Each letter stands as a prediction on how these climate change discussions will play out. Notable participants include activist Bill McKibben, novelists Jane Smiley and T.C. Boyle, and Sen. Kevin de León, president pro tempore of the California State Senate. There are dozens more letters online and it's not too late to write your own, too, at www.letterstothefuture.org.

To Paris. The future depends on it.