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OK, so we know they like knock-knock jokes and bodily fluids humor, but what do you do with funny kids, other than send ’em to the principal? Sacramento Comedy Spot has a suggestion: Send ’em to comedy class. You’ll get a better caliber of teacher tormenting that way. Local comic (and recent dad) Keith Lowell Jensen will be teaching a course called “Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy for Kids” on Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m., starting January 24. The six-week session costs $150, which may seem pricey, until you figure the cost of day care for a kid who gets suspended for telling bad jokes. Guarantee your class clown can do the job right, and spare the teacher all that groaning. Comedy guaranteed safe for school, and it’s limited to ages 12-16. For more information, call the Sacramento Comedy Spot at (916) 444-3137 or visit the kids’ class page at