Fri, May 6, Sage Francis

Ace of Spades, 6 p.m., $17

Ace of Spades

1417 R St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 448-3300

Shepard Fairey’s cover art for Sage Francis’ 2010 album Li(f)e depicted the Rhode Island rapper in a beatific halo, as if touched by the spirit. The image is ironic since Francis spends most of the album breaking down various myths in modern society, particularly the hypocrisy (or “lie”) of organized religion. Yes, Francis is a serious man, but he knows how to cut loose at shows, where he’s likely to dance awkwardly to the strains of “Dance Monkey” or drop a freestyle rap for the audience’s delight. Join him if you are so moved; Who Cares and the Ricky James Project opens. 1417 R Street,