Fri., May 03, Guy Fox

Sophia's Thai Kitchen, 9:30 p.m., $5

Photo By Anna Larina

Named after Guy Fawkes—the figurehead for a group that attempted to blow up the British parliament in the early 17th century (and who was the inspiration for the V for Vendetta mask)—Guy Fox isn't the anti-establishment punk-rock band its name suggests. Rather, the group is a San Francisco transplant from the northeast, and its 2012 EP is vastly eclectic (but promising). Evocative of Delta Spirit and the Walkmen on tracks like “Home,” the recent single “San Francisco” is a soft-spoken umbrella-drink ode to its West Coast locale à la Kings of Convenience. This show comes just after the release of the band's second EP, The Wild. 129 E Street in Davis,