Rated 2.0

City boy Ren (Kenny Wormald) moves to the country, where his high spirits clash with a local minister (Dennis Quaid) and a town that has banned teen dancing—but he piques the interest of the preacher’s rebellious daughter (Julianne Hough). This latest unnecessary remake is, to be fair, as good as the original—i.e., none too good, but with the same youthful exuberance in its mix of Flashdance and Rebel Without a Cause. Most of the first movie’s songs are cut, but at least director Craig Brewer had the good sense to ignore the dreary songs written for the Broadway adaptation of 1998. “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” is still around, as is Kenny Loggins’ surefire title tune, which never fails to set toes tapping. The dancing is sharper and more athletic than in 1984, thanks to choreographer Jamal Sims.