Food Stuff

Illustration By Marianne Mancina

I don’t think I’ve made any particular secret of my love affair—no, let’s just come out and call it an obsession—with pho. I like to think I’ve kept it somewhat under control, but at times I realize I’m kidding myself. One of those times was last week, when I was battling a fearsome spring cold. Had I been able to mainline sriracha chili sauce and beef broth, I fear I would have done so. That’s why it was comforting to find that there are people even more obsessive and crazy than I—and also to learn that they have a Web site that can lead me farther down the garden path. It is punningly called Pho King. (Pho is properly pronounced “fuh”; get it?) Although there haven’t been too many new posts of late, there is a dedicated Sacramento section with photos of pho-slurping devotees. Yours truly is not pictured, but you never know where my madness could lead.