Food Stuff

Illustration By Marianne Mancina

Pizza by the slice is a different animal from a whole, regular pizza. The slices are bigger, floppier, chewier and often greasier. It’s not a bad combination, especially late at night when you’re peckish and don’t want to wait for a delivery person. In such a case, head to Pieces Pizza by the Slice. The sauce packs an herbaceous punch, and, miraculously, the meaty grease on top of the pepperoni doesn’t penetrate through the thin bottom crust. Aside from regulation topping offerings—cheese, pepperoni and a meat combo—there are also a couple of variations with pesto sauce, a nice change from the usual. The setting is funky and slightly frayed, with a surprising (and nonfunctional) fountain inside. The woman who serves the slices is friendly and apologetic if a pie you want a piece of happens to be in the oven. She might even knock 50 cents off the price of a slice, making a cheap meal even cheaper. 1309 21st Street, (916) 441-1949.