Food Stuff

Illustration By Marianne Mancina

Forget April. Around here, March is the cruelest month. After the teasingly lovely warm weather that enlivens February, March can be dreary, windy, cold or nice. You never know. Brand-new Lollicup Coffee & Tea on Howe Avenue (a branch of a bubble-tea chain with other Sacramento locations) is perfect for battling March blues. First, it’s painted in vibrant, cheerful colors. Second, its icon looks like a smiling sunflower. Third, the hot and cold drink options are both inviting. Need to remind yourself that summer is coming? Have a mango snow with bright jelly cubes. Feel like cuddling up with a hot drink to warm your chilly hands and chillier insides? Try a hot royal milk tea. I couldn’t get much of an explanation of what’s in it, but it’s honey-sweet, topped with ethereal foam and just caffeinated enough to get you through a rainy day—should one occur. 821 Howe Avenue, (916) 922-2152.