Food Stuff

Does anybody else remember those pastel mini-marshmallows with a slight and unidentifiable fruit flavor? I used to eat them by the handful. I still would, but I can’t find them in the supermarket anymore. I’m a sucker for marshmallows of any kind, actually. I love them toasted. I’ve made my own at home (fun, but the kitchen ends up looking like it got attacked by someone who has, shall we say, a little problem with white powdery substances). In a pinch, I’ll even eat regular old Jet-Puffed ones with chocolate and a digestive biscuit and pretend it’s a s’more. But to really satisfy a marshmallow craving, there’s nothing like the squishy, square-cut little numbers at Whole Foods Market —both the house brand and the ones from Rubicon Bakery (the latter with a chocolate swirl). Fresh, soft and sugary, if pricey, they’re true puff daddies, perfect for surreptitious snacking or floating on the ultimate mug of hot cocoa. Whole Foods Market, 4315 Arden Way, (916) 488-2800.