Food Stuff

Illustration By Marianne Mancina

Heading through Yuba City, we found two Mexican-food choices close to one another. One was an expensive-looking restaurant; the other was a strip-mall taqueria called Antonio’s Quick Lunch. We weighed the odds of which would serve the best food, and we wisely chose Antonio’s. A steady flow of customers filled the nine Formica booths to get some good home cooking. Antonio’s garbage burrito, laden with pollo asada, carne asada, birria, al pastor and chile verde, cost just $4.99. There were 75-cent soft tacos, which could be ordered as a lunch plate (four tacos, rice and beans) for $4.75. A 32-ounce horchata, cool and spiked with cinnamon, set us back $1.50. We scarfed down handmade sopes and jumbo quesadillas. We may check out that other restaurant still, but we doubt that the food will be better—or cheaper—than Antonio’s Quick Lunch. 761 Plumas Avenue in Yuba City, (530) 673-2534.