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Illustration By Marianne Mancina

This Thanksgiving, astonish your out-of-state relatives by cooking the turkey in the living room. is an ancient, simple and dramatic cooking method, and all you need is a wood-burning fireplace. Start the fire 90 minutes ahead of time so that it is nice and hot when you are ready to roast. Attach a hook above the fireplace. Tie a string to the hook and the other end to a trussed and skewered bird. The turkey should hang in front of the flames and embers, about six inches above the hearth. Stick a drip pan underneath the hanging bird, and as you baste, the bird will rotate, slowly and silently, for minutes at a time. It is an elegant and mesmerizing cooking method. Two or three hours later, the turkey will be ready to carve. Your relatives might think you are nuts, but they will enjoy the results. All the preparation details are posted at the best source for cooking with fire: