Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Granted, Sacramento isn’t Paris, but that doesn’t mean our city is without its own charms. Check out the node of neighborhood businesses on Folsom Boulevard between 32nd and 35th streets, where has been a fixture since 1982. A large elm tree shades the outdoor tables, and if the traffic on Folsom seems too frenetic, just think of it as a Paris cafe without the diesel fumes. We believe that you can get a better cup of coffee at Coffee Works than at most places in the City of Lights, and the house-baked goods are not shabby either. (Can you even get a chocolate black-bottom muffin in Paris, for crying out loud?) The server at Coffee Works with the dyed, jet-black hair handed us our order with a smile, rather than a snort or a sniff. Don’t get us wrong; we love Paris. It just isn’t Sacramento. 3418 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 452-1086,