Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Mention Chicago-style pizza, and many folks think deep-dish. Actually, the most popular pizza in Chicago has a cracker-thin crust. So say the folks at , an excellent Folsom pizzeria that specializes in authentic, Chicago-style pies. Chicago Fire’s pizza is baked in a very hot oven, so the crust emerges with toasty spots and browning, bubbling cheese. Keeping with the Chicago style, the round pizzas are sliced in a grid rather than in wedges. Chicago Fire also has made a specialty of stuffed pizza, which is baked in a pan and topped with a thin crust and homemade sauce. Our waiter told us that visiting Chicagoans swear these pies are the real deal. We also noted the restaurant’s professionalism, from the carefully set tables to the diligent waiters to the dining room’s big-city sophistication. The “City of the Big Shoulders,” Carl Sandburg’s nickname for the Illinois metropolis, would be proud of Chicago Fire. 614 Sutter Street in Folsom, (916) 353-0140.