Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

One does not live by frozen yogurt alone. So Michael Artica, owner of Capitol Yogurt, must have thought when he discovered how the market for the chilly confection drops in the winter. Late in 2002, Artica shut down the place for two months, remodeled it and re-opened it as a cool cafe called Red Square. The yogurt machines are still there, looking a bit retro amid shiny concrete floors, edgy music and contemporary lighting. If you don’t feel like indulging in a soft-serve treat, steer your attention to the crepe menu, which is the new headliner on the marquee. Savory crepes include a delicious smoked turkey with spinach, tarragon, and Swiss and mozzarella cheeses ($5.25). The dessert crepes range from the simple (lemon juice with powdered sugar, $2.25) to the indulgent (blueberries with cream cheese and Nutella, $4.50). Get ’em while they’re hot—and while the demand for frozen yogurt is cold. 1121 Alhambra Boulevard; (916) 454-0214.