Food Stuff

Illustration by Conrad Garcia

Regrettably, a McDonald’s Happy Meal and its drive-thru cousins frequently are the dining-out choices for the noisy child and the frazzled parent. Moms and dads, broaden the kids’ food outlook and give yourself a treat at Texas West Bar-B-Que. Classic rock radio cranks in the small dining room, masking the kid chatter while getting the folks in the mood for cold beer and excellent oakwood smoked ribs, chicken and brisket. The children’s meals are a bargain at $3.99 a throw, offering a choice of a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich on Texas toast, a meaty pork rib or a juicy piece of chicken. Each kid meal comes with a hearty pile of fresh-cut fries (enough for the parents to swipe a few), small soda and Tootsie Pop. Heck, the child’s plate at Texas West may even get Junior or your little princess to swear off Happy Meals permanently. 1600 Fulton Ave., 483-RIBS (7427),