Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Tired of the same old sandwich? Head over to Pacific Plaza, the Asian shopping center that replaced the Price Club near Florin Mall. Huong Lan sells Vietnamese sandwiches, priced at a dirt-cheap $1.25 to $1.75, which are sure to rouse jaded taste buds. Huong Lan (which also has locations in San Jose and Milpitas) starts with a fresh, crunchy French roll from New Paris Baking Company, which it will fill with your choice of chopped chicken, roast pork, meatballs or, for the thrill seekers, fish cakes, sardines and head cheese. The sandwiches get additional punch from shredded carrots, pickled daikon, fresh cilantro and sliced jalapeño. Wash the torpedo-shaped package down with an exotic beverage, such as an iced “mocha with pearl,” a sweetened coffee that includes dark marbles of chewy tapioca. Huong Lan’s quick service will have your lunch out of its rut in no time. 6930 65th St., 429-9999.