Food Stuff

Illustration by Conrad Garcia

Many a 9-year-old has read Homer Price, a 1943 book by Robert McCloskey. The most memorable of Homer’s adventures is set in his uncle’s coffee shop, where a unique machine cranks out doughnuts in full view of the hungry diners. Of course, the customers gobble down the warm confections to excess, and the poor young reader can only imagine how good those fresh doughnuts taste. Well, dear reader, imagine no more. Go to Krispy Kreme and watch their amazing doughnut machine. Rings of yeast-raised dough gently glide into a river of hot vegetable oil, get flipped at precisely the right moment, pass through a glaze waterfall and are placed like jewelry in a display box. After witnessing this doughnut parade, you may be inclined to blurt out an excessively large order. It is a phenomenon that Krispy Kreme and the readers of Homer Price understand all too well.