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At Arthur Henry’s Supper Club, you’re the barbecue chef.

At Arthur Henry’s Supper Club, you’re the barbecue chef.


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6. Grill in a cooler climate

Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room

Barbecues are basically synonymous with summer, but sometimes it’s way too hot in Sacramento to bother. Transport the party to Arthur Henry’s, where you can still grill surrounded by friends, but in a dark, air-conditioned room. The speakeasy vibe, cushy seats and—most importantly—bartenders certainly don’t hurt. 3406 Broadway, (916) 737-5110, J.B.

7. Shake it up

Whitey's fruit milkshakes

What’s summer in Sacramento without milkshakes? Especially Whitey’s. West Sac’s retro Whitey’s Jolly Kone thrills customers every summer with seasonal peach shakes. The thick, spoonable treats get their oomph from ripe local fruit. Look for the peachy goodness around the end of June. Of course, you can always try the blackberry, strawberry, pineapple and other flavors while you’re waiting for shake nirvana. 1300 Jefferson Boulevard in West Sacramento, (916) 371-3605. AMR

8. Pick the Peruvian potatoes

Whitey’s Jolly Kone fruit shakes are worth waiting in line for.


El Ajicito Food Truck

Have you had Peruvian food? Have you? It has delicious influences from Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines with a South American flair. No one does potatoes better, in any form. Try the lomo saltado—strips of sirloin with onions and tomatoes, served with fries. Or just get whatever Chef Norka Lema tells you to get. El Ajicito Food Truck makes its rounds to microbreweries, so you can enjoy your potatoes with a local beer. Follow the truck on Twitter @elajicitoft to find it. G.G.

9. Grab a six-pack of ‘buch

Zeal Kombucha

Sometimes, a lazy day on the river calls for something nonalcoholic. You need to stay hydrated, OK? Luckily, Sacramento’s Zeal Kombucha recently started bottling its fizzy, funky, fermented tea for your on-the-go lifestyle. Make your own six-pack at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Or, buy a large, refillable bottle from the Zeal booth at the Midtown Farmers Market and enjoy it all summer long, growler style. J.B.

10. Drink like an old


Cocktails at B-Side

There’s no menu at B-Side. Just belly up to the bar and pick your poison.


The concept at B-Side is a little gimmicky—so much vinyl everywhere!—but the overall vibe is chill and relaxing. It’s hard to believe this cozy nook was once the dark and musty Monte Carlo Club, but in some ways it maintains its predecessor’s commitment to a boozy, no-frills drink menu. In fact, there isn’t a drink menu—a refreshing novelty in this age of craft cocktail madness. Just belly up to the bar and keep it classic with a Manhattan, gin and tonic or a dirty martini. Prices are a bit steeper than back in the ol’ Monte Carlo days but the drinks are, thankfully, just as strong. 1430 S Street, (916) 706-1830, R.L.

11. Mix your own shrubs

DIY strawberry-rhubarb shrub syrup

Gabriel Aiello of Burly Beverages loves to make shrub syrups. Why? Their vinegar tang is super-quenching on hot days. Try his recipe of 4 cups strawberry juice, 4 cups apple cider vinegar, 4 cups sugar and 2 cups chopped rhubarb. Put all ingredients into a pot and bring to boil. Reduce to a simmer and cover for 15 minutes. Let steep 15 minutes more. Strain and bottle. Dilute 1 ounce syrup into 8 ounces seltzer. Quaff. Not so handy? Find Gabriel’s syrups at AMR

12. Stand in line for doughnut ice cream sandwiches because that’s what all the Instagram kids are doing

13. Drive for pie


Known for growing berries, apples and apricots baked right into its hand-rolled pies, the Ikeda family started its business in Auburn, and eventually opened a second spot in Davis. The Auburn hub is a fun, 30-minute drive to enjoy Dungeness crab-leg sandwiches or burgers peppered with 14 herbs and spices and dressed with the family’s relish sauce. Just a few steps from the restaurant is the country market, lined with walls of hand-picked produce. Top the visit off with a slice of peach, razzleberry or wild blackberry pie. 13500 Lincoln Way in Auburn, (530) 885-4243, S.R.

If you don’t have the patience for DIY, Gabriel Aiello’s Burly Beverages shrub syrups are ready to mix.


14. Eat clean, eat cold

Vibe Health Bar

What sounds better than a cold, refreshing smoothie in triple-digit heat? Not too much, especially when it’s packed with stuff that makes you feel good, like almond milk, fresh fruit and kale. An acai bowl, topped with fresh fruit and granola, might come in a close second. Either way, you’re covered at Vibe Health Bar, a new Oak Park spot full of clean, organic and—best of all—chilled eats. 3515 Broadway, (916) 382-9723, J.B.

15. Boost your mood

Vitality juice at Liquidology

There’s not a drop of caffeine in Liquidology’s Vitality drink, but this cold-pressed juice ($8.75 for 16 ounces) feels like a bottled burst of energy. Made with plenty of leafy greens—romaine lettuce, spinach, kale—plus cucumber, apple, lemon and a touch of spicy ginger, it tastes bright with just the right hint of sweetness. Served ice cold, it goes down smooth in a way that seems to awaken every cell in the body—in a good way, of course. 4601 H Street, (916) 970-5102, R.L.

16. Summer like the French

Lunch at Cafe Rolle

Crown a sesame waffle cone with a scoop of Golden Goddess, spiced with ginger and tumeric, at The Good Scoop.


You may not be able to afford a vacation in Paris but you can at least eat like a chic Parisian at this charming East Sacramento eatery. Earlier this year the restaurant landed at No. 74 on Yelp’s Top 100 list—the only local spot to do so. The well-priced menu boasts an impressive list of hot-weather-worthy salads and cold plates such as the Salad Paris ($9.50) with chicken breast, apple and walnuts, and the Salad Bleu ($9.50) with blue cheese, apple and walnuts atop a bed of spring mix lettuce. Or, go for something heartier such as the brie sandwich ($6.50) with pesto mayo and walnuts. 5357 H Street, (916) 455-9140, R.L.

17. Sample Golden Goddess ice cream

The Good Scoop

Yep, beet ice cream. You could also try the pink peppercorn. Or avocado. Lots of flavors at the new Davis ice cream shop seem weird at first. They’re delicious, though, particularly in a delicate, handmade waffle cone studded with black sesame seeds. The Good Scoop carries Tara’s Organic Ice Cream, which sources its dairy and ingredients from California farms. No stabilizers. No emulsifiers. All big-flavored, pure-organic goodness. 130 G Street, Suite A, in Davis; (530) 746-2434; J.B.

18. Save your change for Drumsticks and Bomb Pops from the ice cream truck

19. Brave the mystery taco

Sacramento Taco Festival

Yo quiero tacos! The 3rd annual Sacramento Taco Festival comes to town Saturday, June 4, bringing with it thousands of tacos—meat, bean or veggie—and a whole mix of other spicy and seasoned activities. Feeling brave? Try your luck at the taco-eating contest. Feeling super-brave? Give the “mystery” taco-eating contest a whirl. Or you can don your best sombrero for the sombrero competition. There’s also a Chihuahua beauty contest, music and live wrestling, because why not? $10; June 4 on Del Paso Boulevard between W. El Camino Avenue and Arden Way; (916) 914-4665; W.C.

Be the Mystery Taco-eating Champion at the Sacramento Taco Festival.


20. Eat the competition

Fantasy Food Truck Showdown

The Fantasy Food Truck Showdown is back with eight trucks competing to claim a large stein trophy, but mostly bragging rights. Gourmet food trucks like Cecil’s Taste, Brunch Boys and Mama Kim, which took first place last year, will vie for the title of top truck via votes cast through Beers in Sac’s smartphone app. Industry judges will also oversee food challenges reminiscent of Chopped. The event kicks off at Track 7 Brewing Co. in Natomas on June 24. Day two is at The Plant Foundry Nursery on July 15, followed by a finale at Yolo Brewing Co. on August 19. Various locations, (916) 229-8681, S.R.

21. Seek seafood delicacies

Las Islitas' mejor ceviche

Sacramento loves Mexican food. From large-scale restaurants to family-style eateries, ceviche is bound to appear on the menu. Still, Las Islitas in Woodland might give Sacto’s restaurants a one-two punch when it comes to the citrus-infused seafood delicacy. Ceviche is a refreshing, summertime treat to be enjoyed with friends and good beer. Las Islitas specializes in Mexican seafood. Enjoy several versions of the classic Mexican appetizer like Ceviche de Pescado (fish), Ceviche de Camaron (shrimp), or even Ceviche de Camaron y Pulpo (shrimp with octopus). 1527 East Street in Woodland, (530) 406-1501, S.R.

22. Lounge at an urban bungalow

Cabana Winery

Nestled in the quaint neighborhood of East Sacramento, the Cabana Winery is a family-owned biz that sources its grapes from vineyards in Lodi and Napa. This urban winery also serves beer, so your partner-in-crime who isn’t such a wino can also enjoy some day drinking. With a full-fledged restaurant on site, options like cheese plates, charcuterie boards and wood-fired pizza pair well with Cabana’s award-winning wine list. The Pinot Noir NV won a gold medal at the San Diego International Wine Competition. 5610 Elvas Avenue, (916) 476-5492, S.R.

23. After many taste tests, decide once and for all whether you’re Team Gunther’s or Team Vic’s

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