Fly Me to the Moon (Maximum 3D Experience)

Rated 2.0

Three adolescent houseflies (voices by Trevor Gagnon, Philip Bolden and David Gore) stow away on the Apollo 11 moon flight, while back on Earth Grandpa Fly (Christopher Lloyd), who once saved Amelia Earhart’s life over the Atlantic, tries to keep a team of Russian spy-flies from sabotaging the mission. Apparently, writer Domonic Paris and director Ben Stassen figured the lame-pun title and having “the first animated feature created especially for 3-D” was all they needed in the inspiration department. If so, they figured wrong. The 3-D effects are nice enough, but they can’t make up for a dull story, stock characters (making them flies doesn’t make them any more original) and cheap-looking animation. Real-life astronaut Buzz Aldrin does his own voice, and makes an on-camera guest appearance at the end.