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Subject to Change (America: Revolution to Revelation)

The cast of <i>Subject to Change</i> discusses a radioactive PB&amp;J lunch: Aw, c’mon, those Mobile Infantry MREs aren’t <i>that</i> vile!

The cast of Subject to Change discusses a radioactive PB&J lunch: Aw, c’mon, those Mobile Infantry MREs aren’t that vile!

Rated 5.0

As the six performers lay askew on the cold cement floor of the vacant warehouse, converted into a working theater aptly titled “The Space,” one performer begins a soft Native American-style chant. Right away, audience members realize they are in for not only a genuinely unique experience, but one that will leave them changed forever.

The set is little more than a huge white paint spot in the shape of the lower 48 states of the U.S., and several displays of votive candles. The production has few spoken words, no props, no fancy lighting and no music, other than a cappella vocals.

Performers Mary Falconer, Deidre Kennelly, Somer Lowery, Michael McCleary, Samantha Ostermiller and Andrea Vazquez pour their hearts and souls into this startlingly beautiful and equally haunting performance.

Doniel Soto, the director, composer and producing artistic director of Abandon Productions, brings to Sacramento something it has long been without: theater willing to take risks. Soto breaks the traditionalist streak Sacramento has too willingly settled into in recent years and dares to explore and challenge these conservative boundaries.

Art in its purest form, both beautiful and disturbing as well as healing, Subject to Change (America: Revolution to Revelation) is one of the most stirring and heartfelt performances of the year, a refreshing breath of fresh air. Don’t risk missing this one!