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The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

Rated 4.0 In the late 1950s, dysfunction ran rampant in families, although it was glossed over by a generation of Leave It to Beaver-like shows and a media obsessed with selling the myth of the ideal nuclear family. Marigolds returns to this era and tells a story of two teenage girls held captive by their mother’s hatred for the world.

Marigolds, directed by local actor JG Gonsalves (Master Harold and the Boys, Love! Valour! Compassion!) and Celebration Arts’ artistic director James Wheatley (Master Harold and the Boys, Eden), transcends what may read as simply another play about dysfunctional families; it strikes at the core of the humanity in each of the characters.

The all-female cast features roles by Chentelle Doutherd, Tiffany Heartley, Jean Hooks and Jessicah Pratt, as well as a shared role by actresses Linda White and Jane Williams, not to mention a rabbit named Paw Puffs. Unlike the rabbit in Harvey, this bunny is quite real, and it gives a powerful, and believable performance.

The production is weighted with dramatic content worthy of classical Greek tragedy. It leaves its audience exhausted from its highly emotional nature—just as it should. Strong acting, inspired direction and high production values equal yet another fine show for Celebration Arts.