Fig tales

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

I thought I had tried pretty much everything around that’s chocolate-covered, until a friend told me about Figments: Bits of dried fig dipped in chocolate to form round, shiny little bullets. They’re sold at Trader Joe’s, and the chocolate is deeply dark, the figs sweet and sticky and full of the crunchy pop of those little seeds. They remind me of that old-school bridge mix that I never see around anymore, or else Raisinets that decided they were too good for the B-movie theater and moved to the art house downtown. You could do what I do and leave them in the packaging and toss one or two in your mouth every time you pass the shelf they’re on, but they’re well worth decanting into a baggie and sneaking into the theater the next time you head out to the movies or, in the bridge-mix tradition, putting in little bowls at your next card game.