A good egg

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

When it comes to Easter candy, you can keep your jelly eggs and chocolate bunnies and Peeps. (OK, I’ll take one Peep. Maybe two. Keep those devilish little sugar bombs away from me!) Where was I? In my opinion, the one true Easter treat is a chocolate buttercream egg from See’s Candies. My grandmother, who was mad for all things holiday and especially Easter, would bring them—in the large size—and there they would be, nestling on top of the crinkly grass. Who wanted to hunt nasty old hard-boiled eggs in the wet lawn when a far more pleasing simulacrum filled with smooth, sweet, thick milk-chocolate buttercream was so close at hand? My mom, of course, didn’t let us eat the whole thing that morning; it was placed in the freezer and doled out slice by chilly, delicious slice. Nowadays, I could eat it all if I wanted—but I still like them frozen.