Eight Gigs: Would-Be Train Robbers

Sat., May 21, 8 p.m., Shine, $7

Would-Be Train Robbers is made up of bluesy guitar solos, full-bodied percussion and punchy bass lines. Plus, the three-piece rock ’n’ roll band doesn’t skimp on the keys, which elevates its overall sound and adds just enough soul to the party courtesy of vocalist-guitarist Kolton James’ Hammond organ. Would-Be’s self-titled debut came out last December and showcases the band’s versatility with 12 songs inundated in ’70s proto-punk, blues and pop-rock. Think T. Rex or the New York Dolls stitched together with a little bit of Elvis Costello flair. What’s not to like? MindFlowers and Redleaf will also perform. 1400 E Street, www.wouldbetrainrobbers.com.