Eight Gigs: Jackie Greene

Sat., May 21, 8 p.m., Center For The Arts, $40-$42

Jackie Greene has been crafting albums since 2002, yet his music is a throwback to an even earlier time—that brief sweet spot after rock was done with the psychedelic glamour of the ’70s and hadn’t yet morphed into the mighty hair bands of the ’80s. Songs were simple, direct and genuine; Greene’s music is similar, a kind of working-man’s rock, with unabashed soulful leanings that amplify the “realness” of his lyrics. In his 2015 album Back to Birth, Greene’s crooning guitar licks keep the tunes rootsy, while his vocal melodies often deliver a measured yet emotive dose of soul. 314 West Main Street in Grass Valley, www.jackiegreene.com.