Eight Gigs: Removed

Mon., June 8, 8 p.m., Press Club, call for cover

photo by Charles Gunn

Mike Diaz is a bit of a local psych-rock, punk-rock legend with his groups Majesty, the Pretty Girls and Red Tyger Church. His latest outfit is Removed, and they rock hard with meaty riffs and driving, high-energy beats. They lean heavily into proto-punk territory (a la the Stooges and MC5), but they have a bit of a soulful groove. The group has gone through some lineup changes, but are currently a lean rock 'n' roll three-piece with Lloyd Benjamin and Garrett Hawkins backing Diaz. Seattle indie-rockers Little Fixtures, who blast moody, heavy riffs, open the show. 2030 P Street, (916) 444-7914; www.facebook.com/Removedmusic.