Eight Gigs: Agalloch

Sat., June 6, 8 p.m., Midtown Barfly, $15

photo by Veleda Thorsson

Portland's Agalloch will make Sacramento the second stop of its tour of the greater West Coast area. It's a testament to the many devoted talent buyers locally (which include Shuffle Six) that shows of this magnitude and ilk even get routed here. Once a pass-through city for touring acts, Sacramento has seen a healthy resurgence of headlining acts not only coming to the area, but returning after successful shows. Agalloch mixed elements of folk, black metal, doom and even post-rock on the fabulous The Serpent & The Sphere in 2014 and its back-catalog is equally impressive. Joining Agalloch on this trek is Helen Money. 1119 21st Street, www.agalloch.org.