Eight Gigs: Neutral Milk Hotel

Wed., June 10, 8 p.m., Crest Theatre, $35-$40

photo by Will Westbrook

It's kind of amazing that Neutral Milk Hotel is playing again. After just one EP and a record in the '90s, NMH broke up. They became one of the most influential indie rock bands of its era, though not as highly recognized as Radiohead or Pavement. Leader Jeff Magnum's combo of surreal psychedelic-folk and indie-rock—mixed with sadness, honesty, and dream-like imagery—inspired a ton of singer-songwriters. Magnum has remained elusive, and rarely even played solo. The group miraculously reunited in 2013, and this might be the last chance for people to see it; NMH announced this 2015 tour will be its last. Get tickets to the sold-out show by any means necessary. 1013 K Street, www.walkingwallofwords.com.