Eight Gigs: Mother of a Girl

Sat., Sept. 12, 9 p.m., Blue Lamp, $8-$10

Danny Secretion of the Secretions is also in a Violent Femmes tribute band. You may not have known this. Now you do. But enough of me; let's hear it from the man himself: “Well … we're a tribute band that really doesn't take itself too seriously,” he wrote. “Other tribute bands have either loved us because we're a bunch of screw-ups, or they have hated us because we're a bunch of screw-ups. We don't try to act like the Violent Femmes, we just screw up their songs.” I like this. Might make the songs better! See it with a Cars tribute band and an all-female '80s cover troupe. 1400 Alhambra Boulevard, www.facebook.com/MotherOfAGirl.