Eight Gigs: Anton Barbeau

Fri., Sept. 11, 8 p.m., Luna’s Cafe, $5

Photo courtesy of Anton Barbeau

Those who've been around the scene for a while should remember Sacramento expat Anton Barbeau's early-to-mid-'90s cafe era, playing psychedelia-tinged quirky pop tunes like “Heather Song” and “Dig My Pig,” and selling stacks of homemade tapes to fans. These days the Berlin resident retains the quirk (it's in his DNA, damn it) but his latest release Distortion Schlager also exudes a quieter, moody vibe on songs such as “Baby Baby” and “Bruising My Shin.” Oh, and the album is a cassette-only release. How very early-to-mid-'90s. The Corner Laughers and The Moore Brothers are also on the bill. 1414 16th Street, www.antonbarbeau.com.