Eight Gigs: Blackalicious

Fri., Sept. 11, 7 p.m., The Boardwalk, $23

It's pretty easy to be blown away by Blackalicious. The duo, who met in 1987 at John F. Kennedy High School, have been churning out challenging, political hip-hop for over a decade. It's not a stretch to say Gift of Gab's verbal dexterity might be unmatched, entertaining as Daniel Radcliffe covering “Alphabet Aerobics” might've been. In the wake of a number of solo releases and Gab going on dialysis to treat his kidney failure, the duo is releasing the highly anticipated Imani, Vol. 1 on September 18. This is a pre-release show in their hometown at a small venue. To spell it out: way too good to miss. 9426 Greenback Lane, http://blackalicious.com.