Eight Gigs: L.A. Witch

Mon., Dec. 14, 8 p.m., Press Club, $8

Legend goes that L.A. Witch's original drummer left for a trip to New York and never came back. Creepy, but fitting for the all-girl trio. L.A. Witch's garage rock is fuzzy, low-fi, psychedelic and haunting. Some tracks lean punk rock, others operate in spooky, minimalist slow-motion. Imagine droning, ghostly surf rock—an in-line antithesis to the expected and prevalent sunny Los Angeles jangle. The band is on its Kill My Baby tour, named after the first reverb-drenched single off the upcoming full-length, “Kill My Baby Tonight.” Feels and local post-punkers NMBRSTTN open the show. 2030 P Street, http://lawitch.tumblr.com.