Eight Gigs: Hunter & the Dirty Jacks

Thur., Dec. 17, 9 p.m., Torch Club, $6

Among the many fantasies the world holds about Los Angeles, there's one where the Sunset Strip is filled with cool, worn-down rock music venues where any given weeknight you can catch rising (or declining-yet-still-dignified) rock stars. This isn't the case anymore, but So Cal natives Hunter & the Dirty Jacks fit that notion of carefully glamorous, House of Blues rock perfectly. Fans of the Black Crowes and Aerosmith will find much to like in frontman Hunter Ackerman's gravelly vocals and the band's raucous, retro stye. The band is on the road in the wake of “Rock & Roll Soul,” the latest single released in October. 904 15th Street, www.hunterandthedirtyjacks.com.