Eight Gigs: Adrian Bellue

Wed., Sept. 16, 6:30 p.m., Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub, $6

He's Sacramento's Andy McKee—a fingerstyle guitarist who manages to create a remarkably full and rhythmic sound via plucking the acoustic guitar's strings and slapping its body. But unlike instrumentalist McKee, Adrian Bellue sings. And he doesn't just sing. He Tuvan throat sings, and beatboxes, sometimes. (So you don't have to whip our your smartphone, Tuva is in Russia, on the border of Mongolia.) At Harlow's, he'll celebrate the release of his debut full-length Steppes, which he recorded in Montreal with producer and acclaimed fingerstyle guitarist Antoine Dufour. Exciting stuff! 2708 J Street, http://adrianbellue.com.