EDIBLE REVIEW: District Edibles Hybrid Sour Apple Gummies

These gummies walk the line between mind and body highs

Photo by Anne Stokes

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The gummies produced by CalVapes subsidiary District Edibles come in flavors that are paired with certain strain types. Their Blue Raspberry Gummies are infused with an indica strain, which results in a lethargic and sleep-inducing high. Meanwhile, the District Edibles Cherry Cola Gummies are filled with a sativa strain that manages to increase your energy level while simultaneously decreasing your motivation.

Leave it to the District Edibles Sour Apple Hybrid Gummies to hit that perfect sweet spot. The effects of the gummies were beautifully balanced, relieving stress without causing any decreased ability to concentrate. In terms of taste, the Sour Apple Gummies also outpaced the Cherry Cola and Blue Raspberry flavors, while offering less of a rubbery consistency.

Each neon green piece comes individually wrapped in foil, but I could smell that distinct sour apple aroma before I even unwrapped the first gummy. Only a faint whiff of dank weed distinguishes this cross-shaped gummy from its candy store cousins.

As with the other District Edibles products I sampled, it didn't take long for the Sour Apple Hybrid Gummies to work their magic. The effect was stony but not drowsy, a good mix of head and body highs, and I found that I still had creative energy several hours later.

I was even able to make it all the way through the made-for-Netflix movie “Bright,” starring Will Smith as an LAPD officer partnered with an orc — and that requires a level of patience and dedication that even most monks don't possess.

<div class="star-rating"> Content: 23.4 mg THC per piece </div> <div class="star-rating"> Price: $15/8 pieces </div> <div class="star-rating"> Uses: Creative energy enhancement; balance </div> <div class="star-rating"> Pros: A good mix of body and head highs </div> <div class="star-rating"> Cons: Makes it all to easy watch made-for-Netflix movies </div>