Economical nugs

illustration by maria ratinova

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

How quick are lollipops?

—Mr. Owl

Hella quick. The THC gets absorbed into your bloodstream through your gums and sublingually. You should feel it in 15-20 minutes or so.

Weed question: I’m seeing “budlets” marketed in our shops. They’re smaller buds. What is the correlation between quality and bud size? The budlets are cheaper than the average eighth.

—R. Lee Small-Green

Great question! Quick answer: Budlets are AWESOME! Small nugs are a perfect fit for bongs and bowls, and the quality is just as good, although the aesthetics may be lacking. People love the look of a big, fat nug, although there’s probably a giant stem sitting in the middle of that juicy bud. You aren’t gonna smoke the stem, so in essence, you are paying for something you won’t use. Small nugs are hella economical.

Speaking of low prices: Get ready for all the clubs in Cali to start unloading all of their untested nugs before the new regulations kick in on July 1. You should be able to get a good price on some great weed. Also, you probably want to stock up, because clubs are gonna have a hard time finding good pot to sell. Why? Well, the licensing, testing and distribution programs are taking hella long to get up to speed. I gotta say, I am disappointed in the new regulations and how they have been applied. All of the “mom-and-pop” growers I know are having problems going legit, and it’s a shame. Proposition 64 was supposed to make it easier for people to stop being outlaws. So far, it is not doing what it is supposed to do. I really hope the BCC can get it together.

Why do they keep emphasizing the difference between sativa and indica when there really is no difference at all?


via Twitter

I wouldn’t say there’s no difference. Sativas tend to have long leaves, and they get really tall. Indicas tend to be shorter and bushier with fat, wide leaves. They are actually different, even though they are the same species. Also, indicas and sativas need different cultivation techniques. Indicas mature quickly, while sativas can take a long time to reach maturity. It’s an evolution thing. Sativas come from hot places like Africa or Panama (think Malawi Gold or a really good Michoac&#;aacute;n), while indicas started out in colder, mountainous regions (Hindu Kush, Nepal).

Now, if you are talking about effects, I kinda agree. We are finding more and more that it’s the terpenes (myrcene, pinene, etc.) rather than the type of plant that create the different effects. But the line is getting blurry, what with all the crossbreeding and whatnot. It is possible to grow a short, bushy plant that gives you sativa-esque effects. But really, who cares? Find some weed you like and smoke it. Life is too short to argue about sativas and indicas. Weed is weed, love is love and Jeff Sessions is a racist prohibitionist that uses the Bible to justify evil. Stay strong.