Into the wild

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

Is there a strain you recommend over all others? Do you have a variety that you use depending on mood or type of high you are seeking?

—M. Pirical

To answer the former: Nope. I love all kinds of weed. But the strains I especially like may not be your favorites, and that’s OK. I love a good Bubba Kush, and Jayger from Southern Oregon is probably my fave strain of all time, although Purple Candy Cane and Sherbinky’s Banana Strawberry Gelato are vying for the top spot. But I don’t have a true “favorite.” That would be like having a favorite kid. It wouldn’t be fair to the other strains of weed.

To answer the latter: Yep. Generally, I like hybrids for activities like watching movies or just walking around. Sativa dominant strains for cleaning and working, and indicas for movies and sleeping. But, everyone is different. O.G. Kush puts me right to sleep, but I have friends say it peps them up. Who knows? The hunt for the perfect marijuana is everlasting and ever enjoyable.

We are planning some summer camping trips. I wanna bring some weed, but I don’t want to get in trouble. Any advice?

—Hap E. Kemper

Woot, woot! Weed and camping go together like weed and camping. A high hike is good for the soul. Here’s the thing: California law prohibits smoking in public (you could get a ticket and have your weed confiscated), and smoking weed on federal property (Like a national park) could get you arrested. The odds of you having any problems are small, but there’s nothing wrong with a few precautions. The biggest problem is that weed is hella stinky, so putting a cloud in the air at a group campsite around a bunch of strangers might generate a few complaints. If you are camping in some secluded spot all by yourself or at a private camping space, blaze it up ( I am of the firm belief that marijuana smoke keeps mosquitoes at bay. I don’t have any empirical evidence, but so what), but if not, maybe stick to edibles or vape pens. If you are strictly team flowers (I get it. It can be a challenge to get the dosage right with edibles, and vapes are cool but they don’t give you the same “high” that flowers do), you could always hot box your tent or car. The plan is to enjoy yourself without annoying your fellow nature lovers. Just like no one wants to be annoyed by loud music while trying to enjoy the wonders of nature, some people don’t want to be annoyed by your loud ass weed, Be discreet. Stay high. Have fun.

Are dabs, hash or other concentrates legal?


Yup. As long as you are at least 21 years of age, you can carry up to eight grams of concentrated cannabis. Get caught with more than eight grams and it’s a misdemeanor. You can get six months in the county jail.