No more wild weed

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I hear the BCC has established some new rules. Can you update me?

—Biz Nessman

I sure can. The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) didn’t really create any new rules. They just readopted the emergency regulations from last year. However, they have made a few changes. You can find the changes here: One of the biggest deals in this readoption is that cannabis dispensaries will not be allowed to sell untested cannabis.

And, I quote:

“Beginning July 1, 2018, a licensee may only sell cannabis goods that have been tested and passed all testing requirements in effect at the time of testing.

“Untested cannabis goods cannot be sold by a retailer and must be destroyed. A retailer may not send cannabis goods to a distributor for testing.

“Untested cannabis goods manufactured or harvested before January 1, 2018, in possession of a distributor that are owned by the distributor must be destroyed.

“Untested cannabis goods manufactured or harvested before January 1, 2018, in the possession of a distributor owned by a manufacturer or cultivator may be returned to the licensee who owns the cannabis goods. If a cultivator or manufacturer chooses to sell the returned cannabis goods, the cannabis goods must be sent to a distributor for testing and must meet all of the testing requirements in effect at the time of testing before transported to a retailer for sale.”

I think I get why they have this rule in place. I mean, no one wants to smoke weed that is full of pesticides and whatnot. However, if the health risk were that great, all the pot smokers would be dead already. This rule is gonna make growers and dispensaries have to destroy perfectly good (but untested) cannabis to comply with the law. One of my grower homies posted this to a Facebook post about the new requirement: “We’re going to destroy our inventory and it sickens me. It’s just plain criminal to force everyone to do such a stupid, nonsensical action.” I concur. The only upside is that you can expect a “fire sale” at your local club as they try to unload all the untested cannabis they have in stock. I feel like the BCC is trying to do the right thing, but I also feel like they are doing too much. Cannabis regulations don’t need to be so tight-assed. We have had dispensaries in California for 20 years. Most stoners know what they are doing. Perhaps they can chill out a little.



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I think your “all caps” button is stuck. Eh, it couldn’t hurt to take a week or two off of daily cannabis use every once in a while. If anything, going back to being a lightweight is good for the pocketbook.