Eat me: Calm that craving

Galbi Combination, Aura Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Korean food on the grid is next to nonexistent. And though I'm always skeptical of restaurants that tout multiple Asian cuisines, Aura's spread will calm any Korean craving in a pinch. The big steal on the menu is the Galbi Combination—combined with the free pickled and fermented ban chan, it's easily enough for two people at just shy of $25. Pair the pile of sweet, bone-in short ribs with Soon Doo Boo, a spicy tofu stew with ground beef, squid and mussels. The tofu is soft, creamy. Spoon it all over rice for the ideal cozy winter meal—and don't forget about the egg yolk slowly cooking underneath. It's the grand prize. 1401 G Street, (916) 930-9988,