Better than frozen

Chicken flautas, Chando's Tacos

Illustration by TK

Frozen taquitos were a college 3 a.m. mainstay. I'm not embarrassed. At least I don't think I am. I honestly can't remember how they taste exactly—other than salty, meaty, crispy goodness. But the chicken flautas at Chando's Tacos—added to the menu board a couple of months ago—satisfy the same cravings while also being real food. Three tubes of fried tortilla—rolled around sweet, juicy chicken—rest under shredded lettuce, jack cheese, sour cream and hot sauce. Plus guacamole. For less than $5. Each bite is a crunchy, surprisingly light, gooey treat. Enjoy drunk or sober—you'll still feel perfectly human afterward. Chando's Tacos, multiple locations,