Drive, she said

Illustration By Mark Stivers

I was never a big fan of the drive-through window—partly because of the associated mess; partly because window-dispensed food typically isn’t great; and partly because when road-tripping, I want to get out and stretch my legs. Then I had a baby, and I suddenly saw the point. You mean I can pick up lunch while out and about without throwing my back out unloading and reloading the whippersnapper from her car seat? Well, duh: I’ll take it, especially if lunch means something from home-grown chain Jimboy’s Tacos (for locations, go to There’s nothing wrong and a whole lot right with crispy taquitos (made with real tortillas, not those weird extruded things) with their yummy, spicy guacamole; the old-school tacos, a fresh and tasty deal; or gordos made with fat flour tortillas and stuffed with shredded beef. As for my 11-month-old daughter, once out of her car seat, at home, she downed the refried beans with gusto. Drive on!