Special delivery

Illustration By Mark Stivers

When I was a kid, I’d head to the corner drugstore around Mother’s Day to pick up a box of (stale) candy for Mom. That was not a good gift, but flowers seem inadequate and prone to wilting. The perfect solution is to combine the two ideas, and that’s where a pair of local moms, Jennifer Morgan and Ardith Richardson, come in. As owners of the Sacramento franchise of Candy Bouquet—a company founded on the idea that although an arrangement of flowers is nice, an arrangement of sweets is a gift that keeps on giving—they deliver yummy candy in festive, flower-like arrangements, complete with solid-chocolate roses wrapped in red foil, raspberry truffles, sparkly little hard candies and plenty of pretty frills and bows. They’ll design custom presentations using Mom’s favorite flavors, in just about any price range. (They’ll wire to distant locales, too.) It’s a big step up from that drugstore sampler and just as sweet as Mom herself. www.candybouquet.com, (916) 419-5174.