Rated 2.0 A recently widowed physician (Kevin Costner) believes that his deceased wife is trying to send him a message from “the other side”; his friends, co-workers and neighbor, on the other hand, just think he’s going nuts. The hero being Costner, and this being a movie instead of real life, three guesses who’s right. The script by Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson (with a major re-write by David Seltzer, author of The Omen) trots out an array of ghost-and-near-death-experience movie cliches, but it leaves big questions unanswered (example: why would a ghost try to communicate with symbols she didn’t use in life?) and Costner’s character remains crabby and unsympathetic. Director Tom Shadyac takes a listless, by-the-number approach to the action, giving the script about as much effort as it deserves.