Donald’s dick in the news

Artist who made infamous painting seeks ballot initiative to protect transgendered people

A Los Angeles-based performance artist, Illma Gore, who earlier this year caused a stir when she posted on Facebook a painting of a nude Donald Trump with a micropenis, has taken on what appears to be her biggest project yet. She is the proponent of a ballot measure that Secretary of State Alex Padilla recently entered into circulation that would provide constitutional protection against discrimination based on gender identity.

If Gore gathers the required number of valid signatures—585,407—to qualify the measure for the 2018 ballot and voters approve it, the state Legislature would be prohibited from enacting any laws establishing a gender identity. In other words, a person’s gender identity would be up to them, regardless of genitalia.

Ben Hudson, executive director of the Gender Health Center in Sacramento, welcomed the initiative. “The idea as I read it would be amazing,” he said.

Transgender people experience discrimination “on a daily basis,” he continued, “despite the high profile of certain transgender celebrities.”

Gore, a self-styled “queer activist” whose full name is Ashley Illma Gore, is extensively profiled on Wikipedia and other websites, including her own ( Of her painting of Trump, titled “Make America Great Again,” and the often hostile reaction it has engendered (so to speak), she has said: “One should not feel emasculated by their penis size or vagina, as it does not define who you are.”

Whether Gore has the organizational skills to collect more than a half-million signatures remains to be seen. A call to the phone number she provided revealed that its voicemail function had yet to be activated, and she didn’t respond to an email message.