Delivery Man

Rated 2.0

A 40-something screw-up (Vince Vaughn) gets an attack of mature responsibility when he learns that his long-ago sperm donations to a fertility clinic have resulted in 533 now-grown children, 142 of whom are suing the clinic to learn the identity of their biological father (apparently their mothers don't count; not one is shown or even mentioned). Director Ken Scott's script is barely a notch above idiotic, with more holes than the entire PGA tour. Astonishingly, it's a translation of an award-winning French-Canadian movie Scott co-wrote with one Martin Petit. Well, maybe it plays better in French. In English it has little going for it but Vaughn's performance. Vaughn is a bit of an acquired taste, but a better actor than he sometimes gets credit for, and he gives the movie what little conviction it has.