Cute Overload!

Admit it. However cynical and postmodern we might pretend to be, we can’t help oohing and aahing over cute photos of small mammals. Is it the oversized eyes? Or maybe the wistful looks? Evolution’s way of ensuring that we take care of our young is to make them too cute to abandon—or, as my mother used to say, “God made you cute so I wouldn’t kill you.” This site should make even the curmudgeonliest of infantophobes mist up and surrender to the warm fuzzies. Not content to stop with kittens and puppies, the Cute Overload! folks solicit photos of bunnies, gerbils, ferrets, wild animal babies (there are some adorable opossums) and group shots of multiple species being, well, cute. My favorite is the orphan lion cub playing with his mastiff-puppy buddy. Cynical is for suckers. Give me cute.