Be a Bush Stylist!

Enea Le Fons, an artist and illustrator based in Milan, has created a wonderful Web-based version of an old-fashioned paper doll. In this case, users can remove the stuffy old business suit the POTUS wears to see what he’s got on underneath and then exchange his government-issue undies for items ranging from an Uncle Sam suit (with a bikini to wear underneath) to a cheerleader’s outfit (for egging on an invasion) or a butcher’s apron with a meat-cleaver accessory (for adventures in violating the Geneva Conventions, perhaps?). For some real fun, try the “Bandar Bush” outfit and see how W. looks in desert chic or do a little executive-branch gender-bending and put him in a burka. How many guns can you hide under the mullet-head rocker outfit? This is more fun than a Colorforms set.