Sure, you check Chowhound and eGullet, but do you need, or would you just like, a different food Web site? Give Culinate a whirl. It has a hip how-to-eat-well sensibility, and it’s a smorgasbord of blog feeds, columns and community (the cutely named Fritter lets you give Twitter-like status updates about what you’re cooking). Our fave? Matthew Amster-Burton’s “Unexplained Bacon,” with tips and exploratory essays on things like why you should be making your own ground sausage (and why it’s easy) and how all garlic is not created equal. Plus, there are recipes, interviews with the likes of Jim Hightower and Armandino Batali, reviews, and more stuff we probably haven’t found yet. Granted, the recipes don’t have the encyclopedic range of, say, Epicurious, but does Epicurious have buffalo fajitas?