Baby Toupee

Get a laugh or two at the expense of your toddler by getting it a baby toupee. The four dads who created the site firmly believe that “[w]hile parenting can be a great responsibility, it can also be a source of endless amusement.” Instantly turn your kid into Bob Marley (“Mellow dreads for the rasta inspired infant. No baby, No cry”), “The Donald,” “The Samuel L.” or my personal favorite, “The Lil Kim” (“For your little miss thang. Sassy pink locks for the diva in diapers”). The baby wigs are for the 0 to 9-month crowd and are softly lined and safe—plus 10 percent of the proceeds go to children’s charities. After you’ve had a good and hearty laugh at your bundle of joy, post it on the site’s family-friendly gallery so that others can laugh at him/her, too.